VR2GO X-Series Virtual Reality Glasses With Built in Headphones - Black
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VR2GO X-Series Virtual Reality Glasses With Built in Headphones - Black
Part #: 850460007077-A
Retail Price: $19.99
Web Price: $14.99
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With over 1000 free apps to choose from, you'll have a blast playing with the 3D Virtual Reality Headset by Wireless Express. Get ready to turn your smartphone into a 3D cinema with an immersive game and video experience. The VR headset is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones with a screen size between 4.7" - 6". It's ergonomic design will give you hours of uninterrupted comfortable VR time.

* High transmittance anti-blurry glass that's anti-radiation, non-discoloring, and has soft strong light.
* Fits all faces perfectly! Built with rebound foam and soft leather for comfort and heat-removal. Flexible and adjustable headband for easy and comfortable fitting.
* 4.7" - 6" smartphone screen size compatibility. Sliding front plate which allows you to use your phone's camera for augmented reality.
* Specially designed to turn your iPhone or Android smartphone into a 3D Cinema with immersive 3D Game and video experience.
* 90 super wide viewing angle. Designed to ensure maximum visual scene without anamorphic images.
* A spherical optical resin lense is built-in to adjust for super wide viewing angles.

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