Rhode Island Novelty Desktop Drum Set
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Rhode Island Novelty Desktop Drum Set
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Are you a musician at heart that needs to work a 9-5 to fund the dream? Donít let all of those beats in your head go to waste when youíre nowhere near your larger drum case. Get that beat down on paper with your portable drum set. Artistry will never suffer again because of the daily grind. Be strong true believer, your time will come with enough work, this set will help you get there. This miniature drum set is one of the most addicting toys to have on your desk. The day is so long and even more-so when you are stuck behind a desk all day. Whip out your desktop drum set at lunch time and let your inner Travis Barker out!

* Drum set small enough to fit on your desk
* Great gift for musicians
* Assembles in under a minute without tools
* Give your job some rhyme and rhythm

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