Jelly Belly BeanBoozled 3.5oz Spinner Jelly Bean Gift Box
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Jelly Belly BeanBoozled 3.5oz Spinner Jelly Bean Gift Box
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Bamboozle the kids, family, friends, or just about anyone, with the Jelly Belly BeanBoozledŽ Gift Box that's a game and a candy all in one.

Take the dare with the spinner wheel, then pick the jelly bean in the color the spinner lands on. It's a dare for intrepid jelly bean eaters to take their chances on tasting lookalike wild or mild flavors. If you happen to get a Booger-flavored bean instead of Juicy Pear - you've been BeanBoozled! Double and triple dare adventuresome players. Each 3.5-oz. box includes the BeanBoozled jelly beans and a colorful spinner.

Flavors in the mix include:
* Stinky Socks - Tutti-Fruitti
* Lawn Clippings - Lime
* Rotten Egg - Buttered Popcorn
* Toothpaste - Berry Blue
* Barf - Peach
* Canned Dog Food - Chocolate Pudding
* Booger - Juicy Pear
* Moldy Cheese - Caramel Corn
* Baby Wipes - Coconut
* Skunk Spray - Licorice
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