Lcr Dice Game
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Lcr Dice Game
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LCR the new game that everyone's getting hooked on. So simple, kids love it. So contagious and fast-paced, adults grab-up ? for themselves!
Play ? with chips or whatever makes it fun for you.

LCR is a game for 3 or more players ages 5 to 105!
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This contagious, fast-paced game for three or more players features specially-designed L-C-R dice where the luck of your roll tells you to give a chip to the person on your right, put some in the center, or give to to the left. The last player holding all the chips wins! The set comes with three dice, rules, and two dozen chips in a re-useable plastic tube.

To start the game, you need three LCR cubes, at least three players, and three chips for each player. Coins can be used in place of chips for additonal players. After determining which player starts the game, the first player rolls three cubes. The number of L's, C's or Dots rolled dictate where the player's chips go.
* The number of L's indicates the amount of chips to be passed to the player on the left.
* The number of R's indicates the amount of chips to be passed to the player on the right.
* The number of C's indicates the amount of chips to be passed to the center or "pot".
* The DOTS are neutral and players neither pass nor place chips in the pot for any DOTS rolled.
* When a player has only 1 or 2 chips, he rolls only 1 or 2 cubes.
* If a player has no chips, he is still in the game, but passes the cubes to the next player.
* The last player with chips is the winner, does not roll the cubes and wins the center "pot".
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