Sr. Moments Guys Bear "When I'm 64" Chantilly Lane Bear #15
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Sr. Moments Guys Bear "When I'm 64" Chantilly Lane Bear #15
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They may be gray, but donít you dare call them old! 22" Grey cohair bears with bright colored hats, shirts, scarves and sunglasses. Each shirt has a whimsical saying about getting old... or maturing gracefully. Heads sway & mouths move while singing, "When I'm 64"

* Red Shirt "You Pour the Wine, I'll cut the Cheese"
* Sky Blue Shirt "A Dad is someone who carries a picture where his Money used to Be"
* Lime "God Couldn,t be everywhere, so he created Grandpas"
* Green "I am Man, Hear Me Snore"
* Black "At my Age Happy Hour is taking a Nap"
* Royal Blue "Still got it but forgot where I put it"

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